Time flies

Time flies when you are having fun, and working 50 hours,  and there are holidays and family visiting!  I can’t believe it is already the new year!  We rang in the new year right 😉 I hope all of you did as well. 
The holidays were actually kind of stressful this year,  between trying to mesh our families together,  trying to be respectful to our families when it comes to pda, and trying to still be affectionate towards each other.  It is easy to say that you don’t care what they think and just be openly affectionate…. yeah ok. My dad,  though he understands that I am an adult,  would rather not have to witness the fact that I am an adult.  So in order to make him feel more comfortable,  and to keep my boyfriend’s head firmly attached to his shoulders,  we cut that shit out. Of course then we feel that lack of affection and it makes us crave it more.  Also if your dad is sleeping on your couch, loud, rough sex is out of the question,  so we were careful about that too. Usually any pent up aggression from the day is taken out on each other that night,  so all that was now in play.  Thus our holiday was a little more stressful.  However,  we have now survived the holiday season and it is back to business as usual.
We are planning on setting up a doctor’s appointment to see why baby making is difficult for us. I am thinking it is all the scar tissue on my ovaries from the cysts… we shall see I guess.
Have a great 2015 and I plan on writing more.


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